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  • From Friday 16 to Sunday 18 of March, 2018
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  • Salwa Al-Sabah Hall, Marina Hotel, Kuwait
Kuwait Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Conference1 From Friday 16 to Sunday 18 of March, 20182 Register Online.3 Salwa Al-Sabah Hall, Marina Hotel, Kuwait4
Places you can visit in Kuwait

  • Kuwait Towers
  • Museums
  • Grand Mosque
  • Scientific Center
  • Shopping
The Kuwait Tower, www.kuwaittowers.com

Kuwait Towers is one of Kuwait’s most famous landmarks. It is located on the Arabian Gulf Road in Sharq district. It was built in March 1979 and comprises of two major towers and a minor tower and an area of 38,000 m².

The Main Tower
It is 82 m above sea level and contains:
• The ‛Horizon Restaurant’ (Ofok Hall) which servers lunch and dinner buffets with a daily new menu. The hospitality levels at ‛Horizon Restaurant’ reach the standards of sky-high hospitality.
• The main tower also contains ‛Le Café’ coffee shop that serves light snacks, a variety of pastries and all kinds of refreshing beverages.
• ‛Dasman ’ballroom is an all-time favorite for special parties, events and business occasions. Plus it serves as an outside catering service to meet the needs of elite weddings and other executive functions.
• The viewing sphere is situated 123 meters above sea level. It rotates to give its visitor a full view of Kuwait while enjoying themselves with or without a telescope and a cafeteria for light snacks, pastries and refreshing drinks. It rotates 360 degrees every half an hour.

The Middle Tower
• This is used as a water reservoir (water tank).

The Minor Tower
• This is used to supply electricity for some areas in Kuwait City and the two major towers.

Special Activities:
• Kuwait Towers hosts VIPs and important public figures.
• Saturday to Thursday of every week from 8:00 am to 11:30 am is reserved for ladies only in ‛Ofok hall’.
• Kuwait Towers also holds the annual Ice Cream Festival, Chocolate Festival, Popular Kuwaiti Meals Festival, as other programs through which relations are ascertained with all its visitors.
• Training halls that are fully outfitted with modern and professional equipment for training purposes are available.

Kuwait is characterized by the wide variety of museums which attracts all visitors. You can enjoy the historical museums, which represent the Kuwaiti life in the past, all living activities, habits, and traditions. It, also, created models for historical houses and streets. If you are fond of the Islamic Art, then you can visit the Islamic museums. These museums display rare collections of the Holy Qura'n, english manuscripts, musical instruments, armors, old Islamic furniture, gold and silver jewelry, metalwork, textiles and old english costumes. A variety of Science Museums are established for natural, environmental and industrial science lovers.

Museums in Kuwait:
• Kuwait National Museum
• Kuwait Museum of Islamic Art
• Bait AlOthman Museum
• Tareq Rajab Museum of Islamic Arts
• The Scientific Museum
• The Kuwait House of National Works
• Saif Marzooq Al-Shamlan Museum
• Historical, Vintage & Classic Cars Museum

The Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque is the largest and the official mosque in the country of Kuwait. Its area spans 45,000 square metres (480,000 sq ft), out of which the building itself covers 20,000 square metres (220,000 sq ft). The main prayer hall is 72 metres (236 ft) wide on all sides, has 21 teakwood doors, and has lighting provided by 144 windows. The dome of the mosque is 26 metres (85 ft) in diameter and 43 metres (141 ft) high, and is decorated with the Asma al-hosna, the 99 names of God.

The mosque can accommodate up to 10,000 men in the main prayer hall, and up to 950 women in the separate hall for women. The mosque also contains a 350 square metres (3,800 sq ft) library of Islamic reference books and documents. To accommodate the large number of vehicles belonging to worshippers, the mosque also contains a 5-level car park underneath the eastern courtyard which can hold up to 550 cars. Construction on the mosque started in 1979, and the mosque was completed in 1986.

The Scientific Center of Kuwait, www.tsck.org.kw

Located in Salmiya, Kuwait, serves as a center for environmental education of the gulf region. Initiated by the late Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, KSC spans over 80,000 square meters with the building covering over 18,000 square meters.

The center also houses the largest aquarium in the Middle East, holding over 100 different species of animals. Along with the aquarium, it also contains an IMAX theatre, a harbor of historic dhows, and a gift shop among other contents.

The Scientific Center, as it is locally referred to, is home to one of the largest aquariums in the Gulf region with the capacity of one of the tanks at 1.5 million liters. It also has coffee shops and a food court along with a walkway that shows the more scenic views of the coastline of Kuwait. The center also attracts hundreds of students each year on field trips, organized by schools and the Scientific Center. The aim of the Scientific Center is to spread awareness to the people of Kuwait and visitors alike about the different ecosystems of the region as well as the history of the country, while also encouraging the preservation of said goals.

The Avenues Al-Rai – 5th Ring Road, Kuwait City, Kuwait

The Avenues is one of the largest malls in Kuwait. The Phase One, Launched in 2007, includes over 150 lifestyle shops.

Al-Hamar Tower, www.alhamra.com.kw/

Al-Hamar Tower is a topped out skyscraper in Kuwait City. The tower height is 412 meters for 77 floors.
Located in Kuwait City, Al Hamra Tower anchors a commercial complex comprising offices, a health club, and a high-end shopping mall with theaters and a food court.
The Al Hamra tower is located only 5 minutes drive for the Courtyard hotel.

The Souk Sharq Mall, www.souksharq.com

The Souk Sharq mall is the most popular Mall in Kuwait. The Mall is vast, with almost every famous brand in Kuwait as well as independent shops. It also has the largest food court of all Kuwait’s malls. Its fantastic location, the Waterfront, offers the opportunities to rent a Jet Ski or little motor boat for a beautiful afternoon on the artificial lake.

The Marina World

Marina World is the second largest shopping and entertainment complex in Kuwait. It is located along the beachfront in the shopping district of Salmiya.

The Kuwait Magic Mall

Kuwait Magic Mall is a state-of-the-art retail mall in Kuwait, and is located in Abu Haleefa, next to one of the best Sandy beaches in Kuwait, in proximity to Fahaheel.

Al-Mubarkiya Souk

Al-Mubarkiya souk is a traditional Kuwaiti Souk. The place is a veritable treasure trove that can give hours of pleasure and some good bargains. The visitors will find all sorts of traditional items such as clothes, accessories, and kitchenware and so on. There are fruit and veggie stalls and a fish market as well. The majority shops are antique/vintage or just plain traditional. The architecture and decor of the place is old fashioned.

Gold Souk

The central Gold Souk (Souk Al-Dahab Al Markazi) contains the government office where gold can be checked for purity and hallmark. The range of gold available is quite overwhelming and various styles of jewelry are on display. You can have your own design tailor-made but make sure you ask for a certificate of authenticity. Other gold hotspots to visit are Hawalli and Fahaheel.

More Shopping Centers in Kuwait City
360 Mall - Sixth Ring Road | South Surra, Al Zahra’a Area, Kuwait City 13151, Kuwait
Al Fanar Shopping Mall – Salem Al-Muharak Steet of Salmia.
Old Kuwaiti Souq - Market Souq almubarakia, Kuwait City, Kuwait
Amricani Cultural Centre - Gulf Road, Kuwait City, Kuwait
Al Mohalab Mall - Muthana Street: Also called the Titanic Mall due to its shape.
Al Kout Mall - located in the district of Fahaheel, outside Kuwait City at the Waterfront.
Laila Gallery Complex – Salem Mubarak Street: The Complex is best known for the Laila Theatre, located within the Mall.
Discovery Mall